Where Fashion Meets Architecture: Exploring The Influence Of MAD Architecture


The Beijing-based firm, known as MAD and founded by Ma Yansong in 2004, is committed to creating futuristic, organic designs that embody a contemporary interpretation of the Eastern affinity with nature. MAD architecture takes inspiration from the natural world and creates stunning, fluid designs that blur the lines between nature and civilization.

At PUBLIC SERV-CE, we believe in creating an experience through fashion. Our design philosophy is drawn to MAD design DNA for its ability to create immersive environments that inspire and captivate. The movement's focus on fluidity and organic design. Our upcoming drop is in part  incorporating MAD-inspired elements, such as asymmetrical shapes and unexpected textures, to create pieces that are both fashion-forward and forward-thinking. We believe that fashion and architecture share the same roots, both striving to create something beautiful, inspiring and functional while incorporating sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices into our production process.

The fusion of architecture and fashion is not a new concept, but MAD architecture has pushed the boundaries and given rise to an impressive idea. MAD founder Ma Yansong explains that he wants the building to explore the similarities between fashion and architecture. "We envision it as a building with skin and bones," he said. "The correspondence of clothing and architecture is they both explore the relationship between the interior and the exterior."

MAD's novel approach to the old "nature vs. civilization" debate has created structures that are linked to their environments in atmospheric, if not biophilic, ways. As we continue to explore the intersection of fashion and architecture, we are inspired by MAD architecture and its ability to create designs that are truly visionary.


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