PUBLIC SERV-CE Exopads: The Futurist Fusion Of Fashion And Function

PUBLIC SERV-CE emerged as an expression of Raphael Young's visionary creativity and his desire to disrupt the status quo. Drawing inspiration from his multicultural experiences and a deep understanding of the fashion landscape, Young embarked on a journey to redefine the relationship between fashion, art, anticipative design, and society.

The PUBLIC SERV-CE Aesthetic:

 At the heart of PUBLIC SERV-CE lies a fearless exploration of juxtapositions and contrasts. Young's distinctive aesthetic is a fusion of architectural precision and bio-design, resulting in a visually captivating and thought-provoking style. Ethereal volumes morph and transition, embodying a subtle, futurist design code that disrupts the fashion language.

Merging innovation and craftsmanship, PUBLIC SERV-CE creates timeless products with form and functionality. Each garment is meticulously crafted to emphasize form, movement, and individuality, capturing the essence of the brand's spirit.

PS creations evoke a sense of anticipation for the future. The brand’s signature exopads are a materialized illustration of this design philosophy. Our visionary exopads embody futurist functional gear, seamlessly fused with the brand's design ethos. They evoke professional sports equipment while serving as a distinctive uniform detail.

The exopad's organic and minimalist shape translates our brand's code, becoming a visual language of its own. It manifests as shoulder protection, accentuating our humanoid logo on a 3D bio-shaped foundation. This synthesis connects sportswear, equipment, and cutting-edge uniforms.

Beyond literal and figurative expressions in our prints, our products defy conventionality. Each piece has a unique identity, propelling us towards the next generation of apparel.


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