Our Approach to Bio-Design

The concept behind PUBLIC SERV-CE is a one of a kind dystopian exploration of bio-design and planet positive materials to create a new kind of apparel. We are forging ahead, breaking boundaries, and creating what we call bio-techwear.

Our principles of design reflect our uncompromising commitment to innovation, functionality, and environmental-friendliness. We refuse to be bound by the traditional limits of the fashion industry - our approach is driven by a fascination with the convergence of nature and technology. We seek to dissolve the boundaries between the two, producing essential design elements that speak to the interconnectivity of all things.

Our aesthetic is bold and futurist, designed to look clean and uncompromisingly modern. We aspire to create one-of-a-kind, genderless uniforms that are both smart and clean. We utilize biotechnology to develop materials that offer inner benefits and will protect your skin and body.

Quality and innovation are our watchwords - we are constantly pushing ourselves to create new, exciting products that reflect our values and our vision.

We understand that the natural world is constantly evolving, and we believe it is our duty to move forward with it.

PUBLIC SERV-CE was created to be the future of design and luxury sustainable apparel, and we are proud to be a part of the ongoing conversation about what the future of fashion looks like.

Join us in exploring the boundaries of what is possible, and help us forge a new path forward.


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