Design the Future: Our Anticipatory Approach to Fashion

Anticipation - a concept that challenges the very essence of time and causality. A complex construct that's deeply embedded in the realm of fashion design, and the lifeblood of our creative process.

Our vision is virtuous and rooted in anticipating the next revolution. We aim to create designs that have societal and cultural relevance, while also being environmentally conscious. We strive to set new benchmarks in innovation, functionality, high quality, neutrality, aesthetics, and timelessness.

Our design philosophy rests on a set of fundamental principles, including shape, balance, alignment, proportion, movement, space, form, line, quality, and universality. We aspire to create designs that go beyond the present and anticipate the future of dressing.

With PUBLIC SERV-CE, we cultivate an acute sense of awareness of the world around us. We pay close attention to cultural shifts, and we draw inspiration from the present with a disruptive eye looking into our future. Our designs embody this forward-thinking mindset, and we strive to create newness and give a fresh perspective to apparel design.


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