Revolutionizing Apparel With Biotechnologies: Hello Clean Clothing



The genesis of PUBLIC SERV-CE came to fruition with a vision: harness the power of biotechnology to create a universal, virtuous design language, never seen before, that could be worn by all humans in their daily lives.

Grounded in bio-design, we are poised to positively alter the sportswear industry, driving sustainability and biotechnology integration to new heights.

We aspire to propel the movement towards clean clothing. The food and cosmetic industries have already made strides to remove harmful chemicals from their compositions, as these ingredients can have a negative impact on both our health and the environment. It's time for the apparel industry on a larger scale to follow suit.

Our materials are free from toxic chemical treatments, yet our products remain at the forefront of innovation, thanks to biotechnologies. We also abstain from using any silicone treatments, which are often utilized in the industry.

Our inaugural release features three cutting-edge PUBLIC SERV-CE biotechnologies:

  • DynaMint® Technology
    natural antimicrobial. Its odor control ability helps save on at-home washes, therefore saving on water and energy consumption.
  • BioDry® Technology
    Our earth-friendly, 100% PFC-free BioDry technology keeps clothes moisture free, giving a soft feel and great breathability to our products.
  • BioSoft® Technology
    BioSoft is our plant seed-based softener for textiles. It uniquely adds outstanding softness and wicking to cotton fabrics.

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