Public Serv-ce Announces Exclusive Collaboration with Canneseries for 7th Edition Festival

Public Serv-ce is thrilled to announce its exclusive collab with the prestigious Cannes International Series Festival, CANNESERIES. As the festival gears up for its 7th edition, Public Serv-ce has been selected as the official fashion collaborator, bringing its innovative and forward-thinking fashion approach to the forefront of the international series celebration.

Scheduled to take place from April 5th to April 10th, the Canneseries Festival is renowned for showcasing the best of TV series from Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime Video and more, while paying homage to cult classics and their iconic characters. With fashion playing an increasingly pivotal role in TV productions, it was imperative for Canneseries to align with a brand that epitomizes the future of fashion. Public Serv-ce's collaboration brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the festival's fashion narrative. 

In keeping with Cannes tradition of celebrating talent, creativity, and innovation, the collab Canneseries x Public Serv-ce will release exclusive collector clothing items designed for the occasion.

A lineup of notable guests including Ella Purnell, Michaela Jae Rodriguez, Jonathan Nolan, Kyle Maclachlan, and Michael Douglas will take part in this 7th edition of Canneseries.

The robust lineup will notably present the world premiere of Apple TV+’s “Franklin,” starring Michael Douglas as one of the Founding Fathers, and Disney+’s “Becoming Karl Lagerfeld” with Daniel Brühl as the designer. 

Public Serv-ce looks forward to contributing its distinct vision to Canneseries celebration of TV excellence and keeps on pushing boundaries of creativity and shaping the future of fashion in the realm of entertainment.


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