We chose "PUBLIC SERV-CE" for its universality and "human-friendliness" evocation, to epitomize a company with the greatest social aspirations and environmental ambitions. We use biotechnologies to provide newness and benefits to our customers, but also to produce the next generation apparel and footwear that will become the new standard of sustainability.

We’ll serve as a "Ministry of well-feeling", engineering comfort, performance and creating premium designs, with the highest level of respect for the Planet and Life.

PUBLIC SERV-CE goes beyond virtuous processes and sustainable materials. We aim to establish bio-sportwear as clean apparel, a movement that is already happening in the food and cosmetic industry, removing harmful chemicals from their compositions as they negatively impact our health and the planet.

This means we never use any chemicals treatments to the materials we use while offering new tech functions to our products by the means of biotechnologies.

All our products are also free from any silicone treatments.

PUBLIC SERV-CE Biotechnologies

DynaMint ™ Technology

DynaMint™ is a natural peppermint oil based treatment acting as an antimicrobial to keep our fabric feel fresher longer.

Its odor control ability helps save on at-home washes, therefore saves on water and energy consumptions.

BioDry ™ Technology

Our earth friendly, 100% PFC free BioDry™ technology keeps clothes moisture free, giving a soft feel and great breathability to our products. This is a human and nature friendly, long lasting high-performance treatment.

Note about harmful PFCs: regular Dry-fit clothing found on the market all contain PFCs that remain in the environment and concentrate in animals. Data from human studies suggest that some PFCs can take years to be cleared from the body.

BioSoft ™ Technology

BioSoft™ is our plant seed-based softener for textiles. It uniquely adds an outstanding softness and wicking to cottons fabrics.

This technology is an eco-sustainable solution that replaces synthetic, crudeoil-based textile softeners/wicking agents and animal fat-based textile softeners.